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smart city

Smart City

Become a smart city - a city where it is intuitive and easy to use public services, access necessary information right on the spot, get in touch and cooperate with the municipality and its professional organizations. We present an innovative, simple platform that is unique in terms of its robustness, accuracy and functionality and easily can be adapted to your specific needs.

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smart company

Smart Company

Be the best you can be at your job ‚ÄĒ let us do ours! We link your things with meaningful information, using iTags (QR, NFC). Become a smart company with us, and enjoy the world of eDocu.

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facility management

Facility Management

Whether you are a manager, auditor, technician or subcontractor, with eDocu you will be able to fully enjoy smooth operation of any facility. Efficient processes are the Holy Grail of every functioning facility and we’ve got the right tools to help.

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From a building owner through speciality contractors, eDocu has you covered.

Deal with damages and remedies using our proof server, where work progress is easily reported and reviewed. Keep track of important information, comments and changes.

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car service


eDocu plays well with others and can be integrated with both cloud and non-cloud systems.

We are connected to GIS system LIDS to serve and share complex information to internal and external users in a controlled manner.

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Smart Meter Reading

Facility management

Warehouse and car park management

Smart Product

World's famous shoe manufacturer museum

Smart Product

Evidence server and facility management

Facility management

Facility management

Product documentation evidence and customer support

Fleet management

partner set 1 partner set 2

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