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Easy access

Right after scanning the NFC or QR code an authorised person can see the information about particular device on their smartphone.

Work records, notes or evidence can be added with only two clicks.



Managers can delegate tasks directly linked to things or events, tracking activity from receiving the task until its completion.

Notifications help to stay informed and react to changes.


Time stamp

Workers submit the finished work and attach handover protocol, which is timestamped by eDocu. Partner signs the handover protocol and the system timestamps it.

This is the way records for trusted causal overview are created.


Biometric signature

Partners sign mutual documents and acknowledgements electronically without written sign off papers.

Each party can then control the constancy of a document.



Generate, search or print out the full record of the device or for a worker.

Check your employees’ performance, pay them for work done and invoice your contractors based on reports.


Work records

Upload work records, add comments, attach photo documentation of repairs and checks.

The whole repair and maintenance history is stored in the system.


Linked communication

System creates functional links between things, places, people and processes.

The whole communication including tickets, work records and comments is registered and linked to a specific thing.

general contractors


Track all the jobs on your property portfolio, securely online and get insight into project communication between all members of project teams.

general contractors

General contractors

Create accountability and improve subcontractor performance by directly transferring work orders to subcontracted companies while tracking every detail.

construction management

Construction management firms

Owner and GC will be impressed with your organisation, punctuality and guaranteed quality and your team members will have access to information they need, where and when they need it.


Speciality contractors

Schedule your work accordingly to the real needs; say goodbye to unnecessary site visits just because somebody forgot to send you the updated schedule.


Engineering firms and architects

Archive and share documents with your project team members via eDocu to get change orders right after they are issued and your RFIs answered faster.



Manage the whole project lifecycle from feasibility through to facilities management, maintaining all documents and communication in one secure, easy to access location.

facility managers

Facility managers

Receive a complex, dynamic documentation of the facility, replacing piles of papers outdated and never used after the facility handover.

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Smart Meter Reading

Facility management

Warehouse and car park management

Smart Product

World's famous shoe manufacturer museum

Smart Product

Evidence server and facility management

Facility management

Facility management

Product documentation evidence and customer support

Fleet management

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